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Season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

Cameren, Effects Kid, Enzo, Judelbug, Megan, Ryan and Seamus are introduced. Effects Kid got to be one of the team captains while the other 6 didn't make it. Cameren and Ryan were on Effects's Team, while Enzo, Judelbug, Megan, and Seamus were on the other team. Gary's team (Enzo, Judelbug, Megan, and Seamus) won the challenge, but Cameren, Effects Kid, and Ryan were safe.

Episode 2 Edit

Gary's team won again, but Cameren and Effects Kid both had the least amount of votes. Ryan was safe too.

Episode 3 Edit

This time, the challenge was to win immunity, but none of those 7 won immunity. Effects Kid and Judelbug both got 0 votes, Seamus and Cameren got 2 votes, Megan got 3, Ryan was last safe, and Enzo was eliminated.